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How to Choose a Cannabis Subscription Box

With legalization buzzing and pot fans puffing, cannabis monthly subscription boxes are inevitable.

Monthly boxes are super-convenient. A box full of surprises every time it arrives.  What if you could get everything you need to enjoy your marijuana delivered right at your door? Thanks to cannabis subscription services you now can. These are services that are set up to deliver everything that you need to enjoy your weed. It’s true, for now, very few of them actually contain any marijuana, but you get all the accessories and some throw in additional canna-friendly goodies. If you look online you will find that there are already a large number of cannabis subscription companies, so which one can you trust to deliver what you want and more? Here are some tips:

Size and prices

Most of the companies that sell these subscriptions offer different packages at different price points. In some companies you will find that you can pay as little as $10 to get their most basic product or you can pay as much as $150. The important thing is to choose a package that you can afford and one that provides you with everything you need for your smoking style. If, for example, you would like to get new glass every month you have to buy a more expensive package, but if you only want things like blunt wraps and papers you will need a cheaper package.

What was included in past boxes?

The easiest way to do this is to check on the company’s website – if they are any good they will have photos of items that they have included in past boxes. If that doesn’t work you can check on websites such as Instagram – if you are lucky you may find that someone took a photo and uploaded.

Is the weed subscription box discrete?

If you look online you will find that there are many reviews that compare different subscription boxes. The problem is that these reviews may not be of any help because the subscriptions are so similar. The best thing to do if you want to find the best weed subscription is to look at what the company has to offer as a whole. How many options do they give their clients? What is included in each package and is it worth what the company is asking for? Also, do their packages include glass? You will need it at some point.

The bottom line is that most subscription boxes offer really good stuff – if they don’t people will quickly move on. This means that price is what it all comes down to, so you should buy a subscription that you can afford on a monthly basis.

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