Part 1 – What Are Edibles?

What Are Edibles?

You’ve probably heard your friends or even your kids (yikes!) talk about them but you’re probably wondering, what exactly are edibles and are they safe?

Edibles are consumable food products that are infused with Cannabis. Although smoking marijuana is the most popular form, eating edibles is starting to become a huge trend now that legalization of Marijuana is happening. Exactly what strain and ratio of THC/CBD is contained is up to the chef and that’s why edibles can either be very useful or dangerous if you don’t know what you’re consuming.

Why would people eat edibles instead of smoking?

The effects of smoking takes minutes to occur as the smoke travels from your lungs through to your body much quicker. Edibles on the other hand, are eaten and have to metabolize in your stomach. By the time the acids in your stomach breakdown the edibles it has to pass through your liver and then eventually into your bloodstream. Thus, the effect of edibles can take much longer, for some can even be a few hours to notice any effects of feeling high off the THC or gaining relief from CBD.

What you should look out for:

You should consider the same precautions that you would when taking any type of drug. The same metabolic processes that occur when you take prescribed or over-the-counter drugs happen when you inject an edible. Your body still has to digest it, pass through the liver and into the bloodstream and whatever drug-like compounds are contained will present you with the related effects.

Precautionary questions you can ask before taking an edible:

  1. Who made them? 
    • You want to make sure it’s coming from a reputable and trusted source and not some random person who can’t be verified.
  2. What’s in it?
    • You should always know what you’re consuming! Think about it, would you take a drug without knowing what it contains?
  3. What’s the ratio Indica vs Sativa?
    • Is it an Indica, Sativa or hybrid strain? These all contain different compounds that bind to receptors in your body and depending on what you’re trying to achieve by consuming an edible, you’ll want to know what dosage and how many milligrams it contains.
  4. What’s the dosage amount?
    • If you’re trying an edible for the first time, you want to be VERY careful as you’re prone to overdosing very easily. Check to see the dosage and if you’re a cannabis newbie, Leafly wrote an article where they suggest you start with five milligrams as oppose to ten.
  5. What are you trying to accomplish?
    • If it’s for recreational use and you want to get high or a body buzz, you might want to go with an edible that contains THC but if you’re strictly using for medicinal and want to treat an ailment like anxiety, pain or insomnia, choose an option with more CBD and as little THC as possible.

Be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 – Different Types of Edibles so you can decide which one you want to try first!





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