How to Roll a Rose Petal Blunt

What is a Rose Petal Blunt?

Rose petal blunts are a crazy trend that has really taken off on social media. The idea of rolling a rose petal blunt started on Twitter last year, when a user posted a how-to on the subject. Of course, the video raised many questions like” how safe is it?” and “will it taste any good?”

The conclusions that people came to were that smoking a rose petal blunt could hardly be any worse than smoking tobacco, and that rose petals don’t taste all that bad either. So, people are throwing out their papers and trying to smoke rose petals instead. Whether it really is safe is still questionable but it’s not like the FDA goes out and tests rose petals as a form of smoking paper. If you’re willing to take the risk, however, then you should find that it’s actually pretty easy to do.

How to Roll a Rose Petal Blunt

  1. To roll a rose petal blunt, get three rose petals and a broiling pan.
  2. Put the petals in the pan, and broil them for ten seconds. They should turn a darker color.
  3. Line up the petals and lick the bottoms so that they stick together.
  4. Put them back in the pan for 10 seconds, and then add your bud. The petals should be crisp but easy to work with.
  5. Roll the petals in the same way you would roll papers.

And there you have it! A distinctive, eye catching blunt that not only tastes good but will turn heads when you light it up.

Why not post a video of yourself making your own, or at the very least share your opinions with us. What did you think of the taste? Was it easy to do? Is it something that you would try again, or was it a waste of time?

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